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Gran Canaria

Few island destinations deserve their self-appointed sobriquets, and Gran Canaria can count itself as among the privileged few. Stepping onto the spectacular island, you can't help but marvel at the varied terrain and diverse climatic conditions that affirm the reputation of Gran Canaria as the 'Miniature Continent.' Eons of volcanic activity carved the extremely contrasting details that define the awe-inspiring landscape of Gran Canaria.

Gran Canaria has everything you could ever want in an island paradise: verdant valleys, majestic mountains, vast sand dunes, volcanic craters, deep ravines, meandering coastlines, fantastic beaches, and sometimes, snow-capped peaks. Las Palmas, the capital of Gran Canaria, is home to the urban beach district Playa de las Canteras, the Catedral de Santa Ana, clusters of Gran Canaria hotels, and some of the finest examples of Canarian architecture. The peaceful fishing village of Puerto de Las Nieves is fast becoming a popular tourist destination, but it still retains its quaint allure. Caldera de Bandama is a 200-meter-deep volcanic crater, on whose peak you will find an observation platform that affords you a scenic vista of the island.

From the cosmopolitan vibe of Las Palmas to the stark drama of the Gran Canaria canyons, the unique charms of Gran Canaria conspire to create a ravishing paradise you will want to get lost in again and again.

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